Types of massage chairs

Nothing is more comforting than a soothing massage after a hectic day or a busy week. Since there is only one life to live, depending on what you believe, it is, therefore, beneficial to engage in activities to calm nerves and reduce stress, not just a thing to do rarely since massage chairs are available in various shapes and sizes, to offer you the best massage that you may ever think or  imagined.

From the crown of your head to the sole of your feet, there are well-crafted massage chairs designed to serve you from the comfort of your home. At ShiatsuChairs, various types of massages chairs are on hand that you may choose from, but don’t worry, you can explore some of the chairs before you make your pick.

Full body chair

To massage the whole body is not a difficult task; the full body massage type of chair is up to the task. It takes care of almost all parts of the body. From the back of the neck down to the shoulders, no need to think of how broad your chest maybe, you are well covered. It takes care of the back too, no doubt back and hips pains were among the factors considered before coming out with this great design, it takes care of your calves as well, pains in the calves could be naughty, it happened to us all at a time. Above all, it doesn’t spare the feet, in fact, this may be the most comprehensive massage chair available.

Massage the upper body

Is not a must to settle for the full body massage, depending on your choice, upper body massage chairs are also available, to soothe your neck nerves after a hectic day, work on your shoulders and massage your arms. This product is mild and gentle on users just like other types in the series. It may not recline in all cases, but it will surely render the feeling you desire.

The air “plethora” massage

This type of massage chair uses the plethora airbags in place of the more conventional roller types of massage chairs available in the market. It provides extremely soft massage compare to the complex messages you get at the massage parlors.

Inclined zero gravity massage

This is a new technology in the series of massage chairs.  The chair allows an inclined position that is term zero gravity, don’t be scared, you are very safe, you won’t float in the cloud, but the position you lay will help your vertebra to realign and reset for better health. The spine experiences an inversion kind of therapy.

There are options if you don’t want to visit massage parlor often, you can get the type of chair that suits your need. From the full body type, the upper body and the zero gravity massage chairs, there are options when you are considering buying a massage chair that will help you calm your nerves and soothe your body.