Types of available fireworks on online fireworks shops

It’s always beautiful and magical when fireworks are on display. They are mainly used in cultural events, on religious event or on parties. They can also be purchased for the children to just have fun at their play time.

It is advisable to buy the fireworks from a reliable source. This can be done by checking whether the fireworks have the manufacturers name printed on them. Also make sure that the suppliers are licensed and are reliable. There is a wide range of fireworks on online fireworks shops. This being a great way to easily look up the fireworks variety available in the market and get great price deals by comparison. After verifying the reliability of the fireworks source, it is also prudent to know the various types of fireworks that exit in the market that will meet your particular needs. The most common type of fireworks includes;

Firecrackers, which are explosive and make loud noises. The loud noise is as a result of pressure within the propellant as it is tightly packed. Firecrackers are made of card board or plastic with black powder as the main propellant. Although with time, other types of propellants have been used in place of the black powder such as match heads.

Roman candles are long tube in shape which looks like a candle. They come in assorted vibrant colors of shooting balls. A good roman candle is one that can be firmly secured on the ground for ignition as holding it as it ignites is not safe at all. Gerbs commonly referred to as fountain fireworks which shoot jets of sparks skywards. This is the most familiar type of firework to people. Most fountains these days come in various sizes and effects. For a more exciting experience with this type of fireworks choose on that can reach great fountain heights and last longer on the sky. To add onto this experience, add some color by getting a combination of colors.

Smoke bombs, which are designed to produce smoke once ignited and are not explosive. They come in a variety of colors. It is best to use the smoke bombs during the day, as at night the colored smoke is not very visible. They are also popularly used in paintball games as smoke grenades for they offer a creative but safe distraction among the players.

A sparkler which is a stick that burns slowly and emits varying range of effects as it ignites. Most of them come in beautiful color effects in flames and sparks. This is a common type of fireworks with the children. The safest type of sparklers is the one made out of paper.

Ground spinners as the name suggests, spin on the ground producing colored sparks. The spinning is mostly random. Most of them come in vibrant colors with amazing effects after ignition. The most common effect is a ground spinner that spins like a booming flower on the ground.

Bang snaps are the safest form of fireworks for the children. This is because the discharge is usually weak. In fact most often the detonations fail to break the paper holding the fireworks material. These bangs make small popping sounds when ignited.