Top Secrets To a Successful Home Aquarium

Fish make great pets because you don’t have to walk them, they don’t scratch or bite, and you only have to clean up after them every after a few weeks. Taking care of your fish is also a way to get away from the daily distractions, or relax after a long day. A lighted tank with gently bubbling water gives your room a touch of serenity, adding beauty to your décor as well.

However, to achieve this, you need to purchase the right home aquarium equipment and perform the right setup. Don’t buy an aquarium at a whim and carry it home expecting success at the first attempt – you will get disappointed. Let us look at some of the secrets you need to know before considering the aquariums on

Identify the Right Location

The bigger the aquarium, the heavier it becomes. You need to understand what weight the existing floor can hold, because this determines the size of the aquarium. Your location should take into consideration the direction of the sun as well. An aquarium that receives excess sun might overheat and lead to death of the fish. Additionally, don’t expose the aquarium to too much cold.

The secret is to start with a small aquarium as you move to a bigger size. Locate it a distance from air-conditioning vents. Optionally, place the aquarium at a place where it will act like the focal point of the room.

Create the Perfect Environment

Once you set up the aquarium, make sure you add between 2 and 3 inches of gravel. You can also add some decorations, but be careful not to congest the aquarium. Leave room for the fish to move around.

Add stones, tunnels, castles and plants to give the tank places to hide while mimicking their natural habitat.

Select the right Type of Fish

Do extensive research before selecting the fish. Understand the species that are compatible and which aren’t. Additionally, make sure you understand how big the fish will grow; otherwise, you might end up with fish that outgrow the tank in just a few months.

Start with Healthy Fish

Take some time to observe the fish before you make a purchase. Don’t buy any fish that aren’t eating or swimming actively. Additionally, stay away from fish that are keeping away from other fish. Talk to the seller and inquire about their quarantine period. A professional seller holds the fish in quarantine for several days before selling them to you. For further precaution, set up a separate tank at home to hold the fish before transferring them to the main aquarium.

Look into the fish’s eyes before making a purchase. Clear eyes show healthy fish.

Provide Adequate Lighting

You need to have a consistent light source, which guarantees periods of natural light. You can use a timer or do it manually by turning the lights on or off as necessary. Don’t leave the lights on for too long, because doing this will encourage the growth of algae.

Final Secret

Make sure you maintain the right temperature for the fish to grow. You might be required to use a submersible heater to take the temperature a notch higher, or use a fan to take it lower. However, make sure to unplug the submersible heater when you clean the aquarium to avoid accidents. Use a thermometer to monitor the temperature at all times.