Top Equestrian Facilities From All Over The World

Horse riding is a sport and leisure activity that has existed for ages. This has led to the creation of modern commercial equestrian facilities in major cities. These centers offer training on horse rides and maintenance, horse competitions and sports along with other complementary services like vets and farriers. Each day, the list of these facilities keeps growing due to their increasing popularity and capital investments. Some of the best centers in the world are: Spruce Meadows, Hartpury Equine, Oldencraig, Iron horse, Edge Brook Equestrian Center among others.

Spruce Meadows

This is a Canadian equestrian facility located in Calgary, Alberta. Created by Ron and Marg Southern, the facility has grown from a ranch into one of the best equestrian facilities in North America. Currently, it is under the leadership of Nancy Southern, daughter of the Southerns and offers a number of spectacular events such as Horse riding and jumping competitions, complementary facilities like art galleries, international food courts, museum quality displays among others.

Hartpury Equine

According to research, this center is one of the largest in the world and offers the best education and elite training. Known for producing some of the best equestrian athletes, the center also prides itself for some of the best coaches like Carl Hester, Nick Burton and Corinne Bracken. Some of the major events held at the facility include: NAF Five Star International Hartpury horse Trails, Hartpury Festival of Dressage and the Hartpury Showjumping Spectacular.

OldenCraig Equestrian Center

Ian and Vicki Thompson Winfield joined hands and created one of the best equestrian facilities in the world. Located in Lingfield, Surrey of England, the center has grown for over 5 decades to become one of the top 5 in the world as voted by the Financial Times. Today, Oldencraig sells the best breeds of horses, offers first-class training, helps entrepreneurs in starting their own businesses and holds negotiations on behalf of interested persons in the field.

Iron Horse

If one is interested in building a lifetime relationship with a horse as a rider, Iron Horse Equestrian Center is the place to be. The center is well designed and structured to allow horses to thrive, skilled and unskilled riders to improve and perfect their skills, and most important, build lifetime relationships. Under the new management, the ranch is destined for greater expansion aimed at improving amenities and ambience that reflects the livelihood of Pleasanton, California.


Montgomery in Texas is the home to one of the best family owned equestrian facilities. The center offers English and western riding lessons, boarding, open schooling on the beautiful trails and leasing. This ranch is designed to give a country feeling while you enjoy the monthly horse shows.


Equestrian facilities are increasing all over the world due to the growing need for horse riding as a sporting and leisure activity. Ranch owners are re-investing in order to grow family and commercial centers. These centers are best due to their world class horses, well trained trainers, complementary shops and services, commercial centers, experienced owners and ideal locations.