Things you probably don’t know your fitness tracker could do

Fitness activity trackers are a technological device that helps you monitor and keep close tabs on some activities that occur in your body systems such as monitoring your heart rate, your sleeping time, your distance covered during the day activities, and a number of calories you burn on a daily basis.

The use of this device is the best way to know your fitness level and some other physiological changes that occur in your body system. Most people probably don’t know the usefulness of their fitness tracker and this will be discussed in this article with reference to the site

Here is some usefulness of your fitness tracker that you should know

Calories Counter

Your fitness tracker helps you to monitor the total amount of calories burned during any physical exercise.

Most people who love to keep fit and exercise on a daily basis uses this device to monitor their fitness level and the calories burned per section as the wristband will show the number of calories burned on the screen.

Apart from monitoring the total amount of calories burned, there are some new fitness trackers that can as well tell you the number of calories you recently consume from your diet.

Measure Your Heart Rate

Virtually all fitness trackers can measure your heart rate. But some are specially designed to measure your heart rate alone, therefore you don’t have to buy a tracker with calories counter and sleep monitor option since all you want is to track your heart rate.

This is ideal for athletes or individuals who love to keep fit by engaging in physical activities like running, swimming, and cycling.

If you are the type that loves swimming and you want to monitor your heart rate, you should consider getting a tracker that is water resistant.

The tracker helps you to keep your heart rate in close check so that you will have to reduce the intensity of your workout if your heartbeat count is too high and if it’s too low you can easily increase the intensity.

It can monitor your sleep

Most of the fitness tracker you will find online or in the market today is built with a sensor that can easily monitor your sleep pattern to some appreciable extent.

This operates by detecting your movement overnight via its inbuilt accelerometer sensor. Studies show that you have a deep sleep when you have limited movement and a light sleep when you have a lot of movement recorded on your tracker.