The Skinny on Food Vacuum Sealers

Perhaps you’ve decided to pick up one of those ‘new-fangled’ food vacuum sealers to help preserve your food longer. But, if you’ve never had one before, wading through the numerous listings for vacuum sealers might seem a daunting task. Never fear, for we’re going to give you a way to compare vacuum sealers so you can get an idea of what you’re looking for.

Vacuum food sealers are an excellent way to store fruits, vegetables, and especially meat. I found a ‘life hack’ on Facebook that I use regularly in my kitchen. I store large quantities of ground beef because I cook for a family of five. It’s cheaper to purchase ground beef in bulk and break it down into smaller chunks.

I store ground beef in 1-pound packages. Before freezing, I take a rolling pin and I roll the pound of ground beef until it’s flat. This freezes the meat quicker, makes it easy to store in your freezer or chest freezer, and will defrost quicker. Of course, make sure you mark the date you freeze the meat when you put it in your freezer.

Vacuum sealing food works by removing all air from a package before sealing. The removal of oxygen is what aids in preserving the food. Removing atmospheric oxygen extends the life of food products by limiting the growth of bacteria and fungi that spoil food.

Packaging dry goods this way has been done for some time. This includes foods like cereal, dry goods like pasta, coffee, nuts, and potato chips. But vacuum sealing can also be used for fresh fruits, vegetables, and even liquid products.

Another benefit of vacuum sealers is the reduction of storage space. Vacuum sealed food, like the life hack mentioned above, saves space in your freezer or chest freezer. This lets you preserve more food in the same amount of space.

So, back to vacuum sealers. We’ll go over some of the most popular sealers and discuss the pros and cons of each.

Food Saver FM5000

With this food vacuum sealer, you’ll get a clear window to see how much plastic roll is left in the machine. This sealer promises less bag wastage and easier use. You fill a bag, press down on the button, and the unit evacuates air and seals the bag. The Food Saver FM5000 is on the lower end of the price range.

Food Saver V4880

This unit is a little cheaper than the FM5000, but it offers the benefit of being able to marinade the food before sealing. It’s an excellent way to store meats, and the unit also comes with a great starter kit, including a handheld sealer.

Weston Pro 2300

This model is double the price of the previous two, but it’s a durable machine and has the ability to seal bags up to 15 inches wide. It can also seal more bags repetitively without the need for a long cool-down period.

Food Saver V4440

The V4440 has excellent reviews, and it’s on the cheaper end of the price range. It works with all Food Saver bags, canisters, and marinators and even accepts zipper bags. It can also make custom bag sizes.

Food Saver V3240

This is the highest priced food sealer on our list and is probably more appropriate for those already comfortable with the vacuum sealing process. It’s got a space-saving design to avoid taking up too much space on your counter. It also features a ‘crush free’ setting so more delicate foods (i.e. stuffing) aren’t damaged by the sealing process.

Buying your first food vacuum sealer shouldn’t feel like a challenge. This life-changing machine can help you to store more food with less space and with greater confidence that your food will stay fresh longer. There are so many vacuum sealers on the market; you should consult the features of each one when looking at available units.

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, you can find the perfect vacuum sealer for your lifestyle, and begin storing fresh food right away. So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself a food sealing unit, and start eating fresher food!