Pro Tips for Keeping Your Hardwood Floor Clean

There are numerous significant tips to keep your house free of dust, dirt, and mites. One of the best ways to do this is via proper vacuum cleaning. The vacuum cleaner is one of the most valuable and innovative tools you can use to keep your hardwood floors clean. Once you own one of these tools, you need to know how to use it like a pro. Here we go.

Once Isn’t Enough

To get stubborn pet hairs and dust from the floor, you need to vacuum multiple times in the same area. Additionally, you need to approach the area from multiple directions to pull up debris and dirt more effectively. This is especially vital with pet hair, which is usually more problematic. You can use a crisscross pattern to vacuum the floor or come up with your own.

Come Up with a Schedule

Another important tip is to come up with a practical cleaning schedule. You can decide on a specific day of the week or month and stick to that schedule. If your floor gets dirty easily, you can make this twice a week. Make sure the schedule ensures that your floor is clean all the time.

The schedule should be in line with the rate of foot traffic in your home. High traffic areas might require extra attention. If you own house pets that shed frequently, you ought to vacuum more often to keep the hair out. If you have kids that drop things blindly on the floor, you need to vacuum the floor regularly, especially the play area.

Empty the Vacuum Regularly

One of the most obvious vacuum cleaning tip is to empty the canister regularly. You will have a hard time cleaning the floor when the canister is full. Starting with an empty bag makes the process easy and faster because it prevents the debris from clogging the hose.  This tip applies to both bagged and bagless vacuums.

Spot Treat before Vacuuming

Always be on the lookout for spills and stains on the wooden floor. Treat these with a spot cleaner before you pass the vacuum over the area. This will keep your floor in good condition while giving you the best results for your efforts.

Move the Furniture Regularly

Most of the time you leave the furniture in place while vacuuming the floor. If this isn’t possible, try to make sure you reach the dirt in these hard-to-reach areas using one of the accessories that come with the vacuum cleaner to suck up some of the dirt and dust that has accumulated.

Use the Right Setting

You have a host of setting to choose from. Make sure you pick the perfect setting for every vacuuming task. If it’s a multipurpose vacuum, make sure you choose the best suction possible.

Final Words

To achieve a perfect vacuum clean, make sure you perform regular cleaning while keeping the canister empty. Make sure you come up with a regular schedule that you follow and use the right setting on your vacuum cleaner to avoid scratching wooden floors. You can determine the right setting by checking out the user manual that came with the vacuum.