Get A Toned Body At Home With Rowing Machine

Visiting a gym is quite a hard task for many people as they have to wake up early in the morning or have to sacrifice their work schedule in the evening. In order to overcome both of these issues, you must opt for purchasing the gym machinery at home. You can easily perform a healthy workout with only two three machines such as home rowers, treadmills, Ellipticals etc.

Rowing machines are one of the best machines for performing the cardio-vascular workout. These       machines are easily available on the online stores, thus you can easily purchase the one for you. If you want to make your purchases an easy one, then you can visit The site provides a keen insight on the rowing machine, thus you can know easily know the factors on which you must base your purchases.

Know few advantages of the rowing machine

There are various advantages offered by the rowing machine. Some of the benefits are listed below –

  • It helps in increasing the strength and stamina and offers for a full body workout.
  • It helps in reducing stress, risk of heart attack. In addition the risk of injuries while using rower is also quite less in comparison to other workout machines.
  • It is effective in burning calories, reducing weight etc.

In addition to the above listed benefits, it also helps in toning your muscles and making the body flexible. The best part of the machine is that it is easy to use and can be used by the people of any age group.

Decide between fixed or folding rowing machine

For residential use, the rowing machines are of two types, namely fixed rowing machine and folding rowing machine. Folding machines are quite easy to store as they accommodate in quite less space. While fixed rowing machines are hard to store as they require a larger area. Many of the users are of the opinion that fixed machines offer more durability in comparison to the folding machines. It is advisable to purchase the one, which can easily accommodate in your house.

Know about different types of rowing machine

Generally rowing machines are of four types, namely hydraulic-rowing machine, magnetic-rowing machine, air- rowing machine, water-rowing machine. All of these machines differ from each other to a great extent. They are briefly explained below –

  • Magnetic rowers – In case of magnetic rowers, magnet is being used for providing adjustable resistance. The best part of these machines is that they are lighter in weight and make quite less noise. Magnetic rowers provide excellent resistance and thus, are considered as a quality product.
  • Hydraulic rowers – For producing resistance in hydraulic rower’s oil filled cylinders are used. These rowers are considered best for home use as they can be easily stored and are also light weighted.
  • Water rowers – As per its name it makes use of the water pressure for the purpose of providing resistance. These machines offer excellent amount of resistance as well as offer smooth action. But these machines are quite heavy and require greater maintenance. You are required to change the water contained in cylinder at regular intervals.
  • Air rowers – For the purpose of providing resistance, flywheels are being used in air rowers. Although the air rowers offer great resistance, but when it is used it produces quite a loud noise.