Furniture For Your Outdoors Restaurant Section

Restaurant furniture must be commercial grade and is therefore different from domestic furniture in that it is more durable and compact, and easier to clean. You should expect to use quality furniture for many years to come, without any major signs of wear and tear, and thus without spending extra on replacements.

Why extend your service outdoors

While restaurant furniture is mainly made from wood, metal (aluminium in particular) and plastic, outdoor furniture relies mostly on metal and plastic. An outdoor area can be either a terrace or a sidewalk section close to the restaurant, and it is a sound business practice to extend outside if you haven’t already done so. That’s because, given the choice, most people would prefer enjoying a meal and a coffee outside on a warm summer day rather than inside the fanciest of restaurants. Moreover, an aesthetical setup also attracts customers in, either to order some takeout or return on cooler days to sit inside.

All outdoor furniture must be weather resistant and portable, and both metal and plastic are lighter than laminate or solid wood furniture. If your restaurant hosts parties frequently, make sure to furbish the outdoor area with furniture that is light, folding and stackable; you can click here for a fine selection. This way, you can easily join tables together or break them apart on an as-needed basis.

Some metal barstools and chairs have an ultra modern design that draws all the looks. Nonetheless, check that they are comfortable to sit in, because all those metallic twists and twirls may look great, but not feel as good.

One option is to replace it with synthetic furniture that looks like real wood, which is thus more affordable. Faux wood is more appropriate for the terrace of a high end restaurant, and it can match the style of the wooden furniture you have indoors. Synthetic woven rattan is another lightweight option, and can be easily moved inside when the weather goes bad. However, if you don’t want the natural wood finish, plastic provides the widest range of colours, some unbelievably vibrant and modern.