The Best Wedding Destinations in Ottawa

Is there anything more romantic than exchanging vows in the Ottawa outdoor weddings venues under blue sky? Try to figure out birds singing as you tell the love of your life “yes I do”. Some of the destinations that will take care of your needs at an affordable cost include.


Among the many places, that you can have the best experiences for your special day is Strathmere. The lovely destination has three facilities that make it a corner of paradise on earth. The one thing that will make you find the Strathmere very appropriate for your wedding is the cost of organizing the event. They are among those who offer the best prices you will rarely find anywhere else.

The inn is composed of a site canopied by majestic walnut type of trees that are aged 100, a lodge from where you can have a beautiful view of the rolling fields and the Garden house well situated to overlook the fruit orchard on one side and the woods on the other end. The three makes it one its own class. As couples, you can plan to have your wedding ceremony here in either summer or spring. There is no doubt that this will be the best decision that will leave you with memories that you will keep as long as you live. in the event that weather conditions do not seem to be favorable still you will not be disappoint since the Strathmere will get everything shifted to inside at the beautiful stone fireplace. In case you have been thinking of the place to make her or him love you more, then Strathmere is the place to have your wedding.


This is yet another beautiful Ottawa outdoor wedding point. The wedding venue is a true description of style that will make unforgettable memories for anyone attending a ceremony there. Imagine being part of a ceremony in the outdoor Pavilion and later on dinner at the luxurious Ballroom in this region. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to take a retreat with your lovely spouse accompanied with rejuvenating treatments within the one romantic Au Naturel Spa. When you are in the company of those who have a great passion for golf, they will have a good time playing the game at the Marsh Championship golf course. For your pre wedding ceremony with relatives’ friends and the few invited guests, a start of festival at the Four Diamond Perspective restaurant will make everyone long for the very day with much anxiety. While all this will be taking place, you do not need to run up and down trying to make things right since the event managers will make everything happen.

The Canada premier performing arts venue

You can opt for this destination and you will not be disappointed. The place that is not only unique but also magnificent is located within the heart of the city of Ottawa. The food and the services of the place are just amazing and you will definitely fall in love with them. A wedding at place will have you witness breath-taking experiences in the dazzling skylight that creates an atmosphere that clearly tells the story of love and happiness.