Adopt A Healthier Lifestyle And Make Your Own Smoothies At Home

While just about any blender can mix together fruit, vegetables and ice to make a smoothie, some of them are much better to consider than others. If your main priority, when purchasing a blender, would be to enjoy good smoothies, you would need to orient your search towards the models that have been specifically created with these delicious drinks in mind. While you might think that a smoothie making blender could end up costing you more than the regular kind, this doesn’t necessarily have to be true. It is true that some of them can cost well over a few hundred dollars, but you can find plenty of perfectly viable options in the $80 to $120 range.

Cheap blenders just aren’t worth it

Steer clear of cheap blenders, in every sense of the way. Unknown manufacturers offering a smoothie blender at a low price can only set you up for disappointment. You can find a blender worth $30 on the market, but you won’t be saving money if you go for the purchase, because you will be replacing it in a matter of weeks. Even though the $100 blenders are much more reliable compared to the cheapest kind out there, they can also malfunction after a few months, so in short, the more you can invest into a reliable smoothie blender is the longer you get to enjoy your smoothies.

Different blending features are a plus

The perfect construction of a good blender intended for making mouthwatering smoothies is a sturdy, spacious blender with several options when it comes to processing produce. There should be a specific feature that allows you to crush ice, and neatly blend plenty of different kinds of fruit and vegetables. The reason you should be looking for a blender that can handle making smoothies on a regular basis, is because the blades will be built to handle crushing ice without being damaged so easily. Despite what many blenders advertise, ice is the death to the blender blades.

Mind the power and material

Take a look at the wattage of the blender before you buy. Be sure not to buy anything below 500 W, because the power will be sufficient to successfully process vegetables and fruits you place inside. To easily make smoothies and be able to clean the blender jar just as easily after everything has been prepared, you should opt out for a wide, spacious glass jar. You might find blenders with a plastic jar, but you shouldn’t buy them, since they might prove to be unreliable, but moreover, they usually aren’t dishwasher safe. Take a look at a few different products in this range, and read the best countertop smoothie maker review or guide, just to see which manufacturers have been known to make quality blenders for this exact purpose.